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Hi iḿ a Bergen based photographer, and here is some facts about me. 

I have always been fascinated by still photography although i started out with video.

The feeling you get when you have captured something in your camera and you put your own 

feel to it, itś so rewarding and keeps me always looking for my next shot.

Iḿ a bit of a tech geek, i love what technology can do for me and my work, but also what it gives my clientś. 

with utilizing the technology in the right way i can deliver more better and faster. 

In this blog i will give you some insight in how i work and some of my tricks. 

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Photographing a baby

I always say that it takes time to get the moment you want, but thatś not always true, itś sometimes the moments that you don´t expect that turn out the best.

To be aware of the cycle of the child, when itś hungry, sleeps etc, you will know when to get the situation that you want. 

Talk to the parents to get all the information that you can get, and be patient. 

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